Neighbor: A playlust of a childhood love forgotten.

The summer before 6th grade. Your mom won’t let you sleep over at Maddie’s because her brother drove without his license into their neighbor’s fence. You once went to the lake you saw her brother smoke a cigarette with his friends. He was sunburnt and slouched and asked if you wanted to try. His friends were older and made fun of your shoes. You wanted to jump into the lake like he did. When it was cold you wished you could swim all the way to the bridge to show him you were cool. Maddie could do it, she was good at acting like the chilly water didn’t bother her. On July 4th, he set some of the pier to flame from his misfired roman candles. All of the parents were overly panicked, he just stared at the fire and laughed, which made your heart do crazy flips. He was the best track runner at your school. Every day you looked out your bedroom window to see him run by on his jog, never a minute late. You loved hot days when you would sprint with him barefoot to the shore and burn your feet. Maddie didn’t care for swimming on our side of the lake anymore, she liked to sunbathe at the “high school” shore. Now being sixteen meant you drove to the theater on weeknights. Sometimes it was a great way to think, sometimes it was pretty low. During the spring play, you saw him walk in with that girl. She was beautiful and it wasn’t fair because you always sat alone. When his parents got divorced he told you he didn’t believe in love, and you told him how things will rarely be fair.

A playlist to remind you of a kid love that ran away from memory. Capturing how a young and heavy heart made you feel.

Neighbor Playlust

  • Motion Pictures (For Carrie) – Neil Young
  • Bookends Theme-Reprise  – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Moonshadow – Cat Stevens
  • Polly – Whitney
  • Scenic World – Beirut
  • Lemon – Cross Record
  • Growing Concern – Land of the Loops
  • Luck Part – Luke Temple
  • Used to Be – Weyes Blood
  • Alone Again Or – Love
  • Lord Anthony – Belle & Sebastian
  • Your Summer Dream – The Beach Boys
  • Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground
  • Thirteen – Big Star
  • Bless the Telephone – Labi Siffre
  • Wild World – Cat Stevens
  • First Love/ Late Spring – Mitski
  • Black Lake – Real Estate
  • Clay Pigeons – Michael Cera
  • Say Yes – Elliott Smith
  • Dead can Dance & Neil Young – Tasseomancy
  • Indian Summer – Beat Happenings
  • The Things We Did And Didn’t Do – The Magnetic Fields
  • Dear Nora- Girlpool

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