Middle March Muse

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The month of the aquamarine and bloodstone. Though March is most commonly compared to the color green for St. Patricks day, this month for me has been a combination of calm waves and forest fires. With that, this month’s theme is tame turquoise and Bold Red.  Here is a collection of pieces I have fallen in love with this month that correlate with how I have been feeling.


Burts Bees “Redwood Forest”

I’ve always been one for the neutral lip just adding a swipe of lipgloss on my way out the door. This month I’ve been acting more bold with the help of these lip products. The tinted lip balm and deep red lipstick work hand-in-hand to add the famous Parisian red lip look to any day. Also, with an ethical company and great ingredients, it doesn’t even feel like your usual drug store buy.


Animal Farm by George Orwell

The second-most-famous masterpiece from Orwell, this book was a requirement for my English class. What I expected was another boring read that would end up being Spark Note-ed, but instead, I fell in love with it. An allegory based on the rise of the Soviet Union, this book address abuse of power and class structure. Set up as a children’s story, it made it easy and clear to understand the workings of communist Russia. With our world being confusing and constantly changing, staying aware is one thing Orwell would want for the future still to this day.

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell


Benefit, “Benetint

Recently, I have been putting away the current beauty trends of heavy contour and eyeliner for the classic beauty looks. One being rosy cheeks. The attached brush lets you be a painter on your own face, adding deep red colors to your cheekbones. It lasts. It smells nice. And it looks great. This is a new beauty essential I won’t be able to leave the house without now.


Red Fluffy Robe

Christia’s Christmas present for me. A fluffy red robe that makes me feel like Blair Waldorf everytime I put it on. It’s the perfect softness and the most fabulous color to add to any early morning routine or bedtime spa time. All you need is to put it on, add a face mask and eat some brie. I promise you, you will feel infinitely better and also like an Upper-East Sider.


Striped Red Shirt

Because everyone needs a classic go-to tee right? Found on Etsy, this shirt is the perfect pop of color for a summer love or nights out skating. I really don’t know what it is with me and this clothing item but I can’t set it and my mom jeans down. I can make it totally casual with denim and sneakers or dress it up with platform shoes and a bandana around my neck. It’s such a versatile piece I don’t think I can ever let go of it, even if I recently added a mustard stain onto it.


Prada, Nylon Purse

Lastly, the Gem. How my mother gave this to me I still don’t understand because if I were her I would bring it out every day. Bought in 98′ in Milan, this beauty still is a show-stopper, adding a bit of glam to every outfit. The still-vibrant red adds confidence to any look and just makes you feel like a fashion icon. Whether I’m going vintage shopping or to the bookstore, you can be certain to see this one my arms.


Here is a playlist for the remaining days that fit those same feelings


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